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EPD - Environmental product declaration

Lindab has published EPDs for a number of ventilation and building products. We have also been a driving force in the work of developing a regulatory framework for ventilation products, together with EPD Norway and other companies in the ventilation industry. This resulted in Lindab being the first company to publish an EPD for circular ventilation ducts in galvanized steel, according to the new framework.

Matilda Isaksson, who is responsible for sustainability at Lindab, says:

“For an EPD to be relevant, it must be adapted to the conditions that an industry has and it was therefore important for us to have our own standard for ventilation products. We at Lindab want to work for a healthier indoor climate and one way to do that is to be a driving force in developing standards and contribute to more transparent information. We hope that this will now be the starting point for more published EPDs on ventilation products from various players. ”